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Hybrid Platinum

Variable density cutting wheel

Hybrid Platinum 405 (* Made to order product.)

Product features

  • *Made to order.
  • With the specifications of the grinding wheel, the outer diameter of the grinding wheel shrinks and changes from the normal density region to the variable density region.
  • Due to the action of variable density, it can be used to the end by minimizing the decrease in final speed and performance deterioration due to the reduction of the grinding wheel.


  • SS type steel (angle channel), SUS steel (stainless steel round, square pipe), flat steel (rolled steel plate, thin steel plate)
  • SGP steel pipe (water pipe, gas pipe, piping pipe), STK steel pipe (scaffolding, wiring, various structural pipes)
  • *Store the grinding wheel flat in a place free from direct sunlight and humidity.
  • *Please wear safety protection when working.


Product code Outer diameter x thickness x hole diameter (mm) Abrasive grain, particle size, hardness highest
Week of use
Speed ​​(m/s)
small box Big box
1014050306 405x3.0x25.4 MA24TM 64 10-sheet 20-sheet
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