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Residence pride
   Grinding stone path
Residence pride
Grinding stone path
Residence pride
Grinding stone path
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Search for Resiton Co., Ltd. products from the categories of "cutting," "grinding," and "polishing."
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The best sharpness and outstanding abrasion resistance.
Resiton cutting wheels.
The best products for durability and polishing work.
Resiton grinding products.
For removing scratches and for hairline/mirror surface processing.
Resiton polishing products.
[Employment Information]
Aiming to be a technical organization that "carves out the future..."
Resiton is a company that produces and sells "grinding wheels," the round, disk-shaped cutting tool that is indispensable for the cutting and polishing of steel frames in shipyards and building construction.
We are very proud of our hit product "Kin no Tamago," which is so well-known that there isn't anyone in the industry who doesn't know it. Each time we create a new product, all of our employees come together as one to face the challenge.
Resiton has a high employee retention rate, and our company culture is bright and open. We hope you'll come and work with us!
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FAX. 03-5333-3322
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