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Kin no tamago

Cutting wheel (both sides reinforcement) for stainless steel, the metal

It is most suitable for stainless steel cutting.

Characteristic of the product

  • The cutting whetstone that challenged extreme thinness while being both sides reinforcement.
  • I can cut it just to control it lightly without adding pressure.
  • There are few Bali, gossans.
  • I prepare a lineup depending on board thickness (only as for Φ 105)


  • I show power for the cutting of steel materials of the having many kinds mainly on stainless steel.
  • ※Please attach the cover for exclusive use of the cutting whetstone on use in a cutting whetstone by all means. The Occupational Safety and Health Act requires it.
  • ※Please stack the storage of the whetstone flat at a place without direct rays of the sun, the moisture.
  • ※Please wear a tool for safe protection at the time of the work.


Product cordOuter diameter x thickness x hole diameter (mm)Abrasive, particle size, the hardnessThe best
Use lap
 Speed (m/s)
Use of best
 Number of revolutions (rpm)
Small boxKist
1011050701105x1.0x15AZ60P8014,400Ten pieces case200 pieces case
1011050708105x1.6x15AZ36Q8014,400Ten pieces case200 pieces case
1011050709105x2.3x15AZ30Q8014,400Ten pieces case200 pieces case
1011250121125x1.3x22AZ60P8012,200Ten pieces case200 pieces case
1011500501150x1.4x22AZ60P8010,100Ten pieces case100 pieces case
1011800501180x1.5x22AZ46P808,490Ten pieces case100 pieces case
1012050501205x1.6x22AZ46P807,450Ten pieces case100 pieces case
1013050501305x1.8x25.4AZ46P805,010Ten pieces case50 pieces case
1013550501355x2.1x25.4AZ46P804,300Ten pieces case30 pieces case
1014050312NEW!! 405x2.5x25.4   AZ36P803,800Five pieces case20 pieces case


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