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Resiton Cutting Wheel/Precautions for Use

  • Be sure to attach the toishi cover before use. (Covering 1/2 of Toishi)
  • Wear protective equipment such as protective goggles and dust mask when working.
  • Use at the maximum operating peripheral speed (maximum operating speed rpm) or less.
  • Use the correct flange and check the contact surface for any abnormalities.
  • The surface used for cutting toys is the outer peripheral surface. Do not use the sides.
  • Be sure to perform a test run for at least 1 minute before starting work and at least 3 minutes for replacement.
  • Do not use if the specifications of the toy are not compatible with the grinder or cutting machine. Do not modify the hole diameter.
  • Please fix the work piece firmly.
  • Do not touch the rotating toes with your hands, feet, fingers, etc.
  • Do not cut in a place where there is a risk of ignition or explosion.
  • When storing toys, avoid direct sunlight and stack them flat on a base plate in a dry place.Be sure to use the toys on a first-in, first-out basis.
  • Do not drop, hit, hit or trample the toys.
  • Perform cutting work in accordance with occupational safety and health regulations and structural standards such as grinding machines.
  • We recommend that you use it within 2 years from the time of purchase.
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