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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

rejiton (called "us" as follows) recognizes that the personal information of the visitor is important information about privacy and thinks that it is our social duty to pay maximum attention to the handling of the information concerned.
Even if personal information is not disclosed as for the visitor that our website is used, I can use most services.
In addition, the personal information of the visitor may not be collected only by having referred to our website.
But there is the thing which I cannot use when you cannot offer personal information from a visitor about the specific service. Therefore, about the handling of the personal information that I obtained in the Web server which we installed, I establish "a privacy policy" as follows to be available to a visitor in peace on our website and plan all company thorough.

"A privacy policy"

1.    Observe laws and ordinances about the personal information protection and other models; and the contents of the privacy policy
I try for o appropriate review, the improvement.
2.    The personal information that stated the purpose clearly beforehand when required an offer of the personal information, and was offered other than the use purpose
I do not use it.
3.    An address, a full name, a law person's name, a phone number, the things distinguishing an individual such as e-mail addresses which received an offer from a customer,
I can distinguish an authorized individual even if I cannot distinguish an individual only in the information by collating it with other information
I collect information and perform fair management when I use it.
4.    Perform the maintenance of official regulations in the company, rational security measures; an unjust invasion to personal information, loss of the personal information,
I try for prevention of danger such as manipulation, the leak to a third party.
5.    I disclose the personal information that received an offer from a customer for a third party unless I correspond to any of the following
I do not do it.
・ When there is the agreement of the customer
・ When disclosure is called for by laws and ordinances
・ When we disclose it in offering the service that a customer hopes for as far as duties trust is necessary earlier
In this case we impose duty by a contract for the duties trust point concerned to perform appropriate management like us,
I plan the prevention of a leak, the re-offer of the personal information from the duties trust point concerned.
・ I customize it in the state that cannot distinguish a visitor individual as statistical data (e.g.,: man and woman distinction, the number of the age-specific visitors)
ta case
6.    When personal information to hold it serves as a use purpose and becomes needless, I delete it immediately.

"A correction of the personal information"

If a visitor can hear to our each window for the visitor when a correction of our your personal information to manage is hoped for, we cope immediately as far as it is rational.

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This website uses cookies and web beacons to gain information about customer access. Neither of these tools has the ability to access a user’s private information.
In addition, if you are browsing with the setting to enable cookies turned off, the setting to not display images turned on, or with other related browser settings, some functions of this website may not be available.

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