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[new product] Sanitization, deodorant spray "SHELLISH" (shierisshu)

From Resiton, deodorant spray debuts the sanitization that is kind to the earth with a person.
While having high sanitization, deodorization effect
It is kind to skin and is available in everyday various scenes.
"Easy sanitization" for daily life.
An important person and a new sanitization custom.
SHELLISHCharacteristic of (shierisshu)

100% of natural ingredients of the relief
The raw materials are scallop shell burning powder and water
As it is alcohol, hypochlorous acid, surfactant nonuse
Even everyday living environment is available in peace.

Sanitization, 99% of deodorant effects
By the third-party organization have been inspected!
High sanitization effect with calcium hydroxide
With strong alkalinity, I inactivate a virus!

Various how to use
2 size development to everyday various hygiene customs
The nice large-capacity size in every scene in the house
The compact portable size is outing!

The common question is this

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