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Resiton cutting wheel / precautions

  • The toy deer bar is attached by all means, and please use it. (thing covering up 1/2 of toishi)
  • You wear protection glasses, a tool for protection to pitch a camp, and to wear a mask-proof, and please work.
  • A use of best circumferential speed degree (use of best number of revolutions rpm) is the following, and please use it.
  • Using an appropriate flange, please confirm whether a contact surface does not have abnormality.
  • The use field of cutting toishi is an outer periphery. Please do not use the side.
  • Please perform the trial run at the time of the exchange by all means more than three minutes more than one minute before work start.
  • When specifications of toishi do not adapt to a grinder or cutting machine, please do not use it. Please do not remodel the hole diameter.
  • Please fix the processing thing well.
  • Please do not touch turning toishi with a hand, a foot, a finger.
  • Please do not work on cutting at ignition, the place with the fear of the explosion.
  • The storage of toishi avoids direct rays of the sun, and please stack it flat to a baseplate at a place without the moisture. Please use toishi in a point last tool containing by all means.
  • You drop toishi and hit it and swat it, and please do not stamp it.
  • As for the cutting work, a labor security hygiene rule, a grinder, please obey a structure standard.
  • I buy it and recommend the use within two years more.
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