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Guide of the security

Please adhere rigidly to the next matter by all means to be able to do the work that all of you grind more safely.

To have you use grinding wheel safely

The person who attaches grinding wheel

The person who received special education about the safe work of the grinding wheel attach it. [(law) Article 59, (rule) Article 36]

Inspection of the grinding wheel

Do not use the thing with the defects such as a crack, the wound for grinding wheel.
In addition, you beat the side of the grinding wheel with wooden hammers lightly, and perform an examination of hammering.
[indispensable safely]

Right flange and packing

The diameter of flange being generally more than 1/3 of the diameter of grinding wheel, and both diameters being equal.
In addition, use packing or a label for clamping. [(structure standard) dai 15-19 article, safe vade mecum]

Protective cover

Attach a protective cover of the grinding wheel to the grinder by all means. [(rule) Article 117]
The thickness of the protective cover, the opening angle having been determined by a structure standard. [(structure standard) Article 3, Article 20 - Article 29]

Use circumferential speed degree of the grinding wheel

Use it as far as you do not surpass a use of best circumferential speed degree displayed by grinding wheel.
[(rule) Article 119, (structure rule) eighth - Article 9]
"A use of number of revolutions (rpm) <= best circumferential speed degree of the diameter of grinding wheel (m) *3.14* axis" (m/sec)
In addition, generally, lower than 33m/sec, a thing of the grinding wheel to grind is lower than 50m/sec, and use the thing of the bibird Fido method except the grinding wheel of the ring form, cup form or magnesia method about the small (less than 75mm in diameter) grinding wheel that a use of best circumferential speed degree is not displayed. I use the rejinoido reinforcement grinding wheel for the cutting in less than 80m/sec.

Attention when I attach new grinding wheel

Trial run of the grinding wheel

When I changed grinding wheel newly, a person (the person who received education in particular) who attached it perform trial runs (skidding) more than three minutes.
In addition, perform trial runs more than one minute before starting the work of the day.
[(law) Article 59, (rule) Article 36, Article 118]

Use side of the grinding wheel

As a use side is determined by a shape of the grinding wheel, do not use it any place other than an appointed use side.
[(rule) Article 120, safe vade mecum]

After work to grind

After work, you stop irrigation and perform a trial run (skidding) of grinding wheel more than one minute, and, in the case of laboratory of wet process cut, remove water from grinding wheel.
[indispensable safely]

Use of the tool for protection

You pitch a camp, and protective glasses, mask wear-proof gloves, and use earplugs, safety boots. [(rule) Article 593, etc.]


Never do what you attach grinding wheel to portable electric tools except the buff race and circular saw or grinding wheel use and use.
As it is prescribed about the measures in the security of the work to grind by law, a rule and a structure standard, and the concrete measures are shown in [indispensable safely], we adhere rigidly to these, and let's protect a worker from an accident.
Please refer to the following document for the detailed contents.
A note: "Law" ・・... The Occupational Safety and Health Act (1972 law 57th)
  "A rule" ・・... Labor security hygiene rule (1972 labor departmental order 32nd)
  "A structure standard" ・・... Grinders standardize structure (March 18, 1971 Department of Labor notification eighth, some revisions
September 30, 1972 Department of Labor notification 85th)
  "It is indispensable safely" ・・... Grinder security vade mecum (Department of Labor Labor Standards Bureau Industrial Safety and Health Department security section
Association of prevention of central work-related accident publication)

Issuance: Association of prevention of central work-related accident 〒 108-0014 5-35-1, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo TEL: 03-3452-6841
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