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November, 2017 (Heisei 29) I reach the company establishment 60th anniversary.
December, 2014 (Heisei 26) I transfer the head office to Tokyo opera city tower.
November, 2012 (Heisei 24) I reach the company establishment 55th anniversary.
January, 2011 (Heisei 23) It is 2008 certification acquisition ISO9001.
November, 2007 (Heisei 19) I reach the company establishment 50th anniversary.
July, 2001 (Heisei 13)

I establish production subsidiary "T.C.RESITON" in Thailand and start production, sale.

November, 1995 (Heisei 7) I increase the capital to 10 million yen with capital.
October, 1993 (Heisei 5) I start the full-scale production of diamond, CBN tools.
October, 1991 (Heisei 3) I change a business name of a company name to "Resiton Co. Ltd".
September, 1985 (Showa 60) For diversification of the demand, I start Tip saw, disk, Metalsaw, production, sale of the Bandsaw.
June, 1975 (Showa 50) I establish each office to establish a sales network in the whole country.
May, 1973 (Showa 48)

I build the Yasaka factory in Yasaka-mura, Nagano to answer further demand.

September, 1972 (Showa 47) I build the headquarters building in Matsue, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo.
October, 1968 (Showa 43) I build the Omachi factory in Omachi-shi, Nagano to meet demand.
March, 1964 (Showa 39) I start production of the new product "security cutting wheel".
February, 1964 (Showa 39) For business affairs expansion, I increase the capital to 6 million yen with capital and build more plants.
September, 1960 (Showa 35) I build the head office and the Tokyo factory in Ichinoe, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo.
November, 1957 (Showa 32) I establish it as "Tokusyuseito Co.Ltd" with capital 1 million yen and, with business affairs expansion, register it.
November, 1955 (Showa 30)

In Arakawa-ku, Tokyo, I start production, sale of the grinding wheel by the resinoid manufacturing method, offset grinding wheel and the cutting wheel as "a Ken Yamashita cut industry place".

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