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Greetings / idea


I grind "a technique and trust" including primarily safe cutting wheel since its formation and produce polishing tools and sell the Resiton Co. Ltd and have great support to a visitor and continue up to the present day.
I have already had the results more than it in 60 while our beginning production of the safe cutting wheel in our country from the earliest time, and pushing forward research and development.
I have the grace of the visitor, and our security cutting wheel has a high evaluation in the country, the outside and has a lot of visitors use it.
In addition, in late years, in the production sale of diamond, the CBN tool, I have you do a technically high evaluation from a visitor and push forward research and development more.
Our aim is pleased with by all of you and is to continue making "trusted tool" to be able to purchase in peace.
The aim aims at "technique group opening up" future highly.
I would like instruction and support not to change continuously.

Management philosophy

Quality policy

About a company badge

I changed the company badge of this our company with a company name (an old company name: Tokusyuseito Co.Ltd) in commemoration of the 35th anniversary of the foundation.
The Resiton used it as a brand carefully, but was a change for Resiton to have spread among the customers till then.
Why is it Resiton?
The history of our company starts from the grinding wheel of the resinoid manufacturing method, and it is because I am doing business as a main product now.
It became the really plain company name.
It is a Yamashita brother (Yamashita Rinki, Wasawa Sumio, Yamashita Kikuo) of the founding that the source of the Resiton always did a company through hardships by today, and it is a matter of course that nobody has the objection.
Do three people not seem to line up on the left side of the company badge peacefully?
This is a big bond of three people.
Then it is right Japanese yen (relationship) that 0 is a ring (the sum).
It is the sum of harmony among visitor, harmony among employee, sum of supplier, stockholder,
It is a relationship of relationship of the visitor, relationship of the employee, relationship of supplier, stockholder,
Solid-looking R which I supported which is heavy with a big foot in this is culture of our company and is the history.
And please look at the soaring company badge.
This became this company badge with prayer, a wish to want to develop our company forever.
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