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Onetouch wonder disk

Screw-style simple & speedy one-touch wearing!

wandajisuku can attach one-touch.

Characteristic of the product

  • The high-precision finish!
  • It is hard to be jammed with eyes!
  • It is hard to move slightly!
  • It is the first among the industry! An inner screw-style ceramic type!
  • A center cut type!


  • Planes such as the general steel, stainless steel aluminum, abrasion, chamfering, Bali collecting of the curved surface, finish (I work on general abrasion), Boletopsis leucomelas collecting ※WRC # 40 recommendation
  • ※Please keep it at a place without direct rays of the sun, the moisture.
  • ※Please wear a tool for safe protection at the time of the work.


Form Outer diameter x hole type (mm) Abrasive Particle size Use of best number of revolutions (rpm) Packing
Small box Kist
Onetouch wonder disk WRC 100x15 (M10) Ceramic 40.60.80 13,600 Ten pieces case 50 pieces case
Onetouch wonder disk WRA 100x15 (M10) Alundum Ten pieces case 50 pieces case
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