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The premium sharpness!

High-performance type iron, stainless steel combined use cermet blade

Characteristic of the product

  • Severability crunchy more than thickness steel 20mm!
  • Durability 2.5 times of conventional products improves! 25% of cutting speed improves! (at the time of flat steel 50C cutting)


  • I cope with the cutting such as an angle, wireway, channel steel, a lining pipe, a deck plate, a cylindrical tea cup with a blue line around the rim bolt, a circle, a corner pipe, the narrow path-maru stick.
  • ※Please wear a tool for safe protection at the time of the work.


 Product cord Outer diameter x thickness x hole diameter (mm)   The number of the blades Use of best number of revolutions (rpm)  Packing 
 2617950451 180x1.6x20  48  4,300  One piece case


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