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Kin no tamago offset type

A UFO type appears to valuables.

The horizontal section from the root is possible! I am sharp more deeply than a straight model!
108mm size
128mm size
Size comparison

Characteristic of the product

  • An offset type cutting whetstone suitable for the verge limit that had difficulty in cutting.
  • I realize the outstanding durability and cutting power by the new manufacturing method.
  • It is easy to do a horizontal section.


  • I correspond to both in both iron and stainless steel. I show power for the cutting of steel materials of the having many kinds.
  • ※Please attach the cover for exclusive use of the cutting whetstone on use in a cutting whetstone by all means. The Occupational Safety and Health Act requires it.
  • ※Please stack the storage of the whetstone flat at a place without direct rays of the sun, the moisture.
  • ※Please wear a tool for safe protection at the time of the work.


Product cord Outer diameter x thickness x hole diameter (mm) Abrasive, particle size, the hardness The best
Use lap
Speed (m/s)
Use of best
Number of revolutions (rpm)
Small box Kist
1011050716 108x1.0x15 AZ60P 80 14,000 Ten pieces case 200 pieces case
1011280001              128x1.3x22 NEW! AZ60P 80 14,000 Five pieces case 100 pieces case
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